Literary analysis of catcher in the rye

Is he misunderstood?

J. D. Salinger

Is he relevant to youth today? Is Qnalysis Catcher in the Rye even any good? Does it matter, if it has meant something to generations of readers?

literary analysis of catcher in the rye

Do we only like it because our parents did? Why do we talk about it so much more than Nine Storieswhich is objectively superior? If nothing else, we can all at least agree that Holden Caulfield is still though decreasingly a cultural touchstone in this country, in part because parents keep giving the book to their children and in part because so many students are still required to read it in school. The critics, much like the population at large, do literary analysis of catcher in the rye come to much of a consensus.

Summary of The Catcher in the Rye

For instance, some have compared Holden to Jesus. Some, on the other hand, have argued that the book aalysis about his desire to have sex with his little sister.

literary analysis of catcher in the rye

Some consider Holden a lkterary for American youth. Some fear he is its downfall. We will all have to decide for ourselves, but for a little guidance, below you can look through what some writers and critics have said about Holden, organized roughly from most glowing to least impressed.

Frederick L. Gwynn and Joseph L. Blotner, in The Fiction of J. Resume delmac :. But nervous cynicism and neurosis are not enough literary analysis of catcher in the rye fiction in depth, and the next step for a reader should be to realize that Holden Caulfield is actually a saintly Christian person there is no need to call literaryy a Christ-figure.]

literary analysis of catcher in the rye