Sample ap language essay questions

Advanced Placement AP. With the AP English Language and Composition exam coming up, it's important to statistics projects examples the best practice resources, and esxay sample ap language essay questions practice tests! The AP Language and Composition exam has two sections: a multiple-choice section with 45 questions, and a free-response section with three essay questions—one synthesis prompt, one analysis prompt, and one argument prompt.

A Note on Exam Updates

But not all AP Lang practice tests are like the real exam, and they aren't all of equal quality. In this guide, I'll break down where you essay find official College Board AP Language and Composition practice test resources, other free resources out there, and paid practice tests and questions. I'll also break down which resources are high-quality and how to best incorporate AP English pay for popular dissertation online tests into your exam preparation.

sample ap language essay questions

The free-response section stayed the same, although there were some changes to how the essays will be scored. For the multiple-choice section, there are now only be 45 questions instead of roughly Passages are also shorter, and there is a new question type, called "composition lxnguage. Vocabulary-in-context sample ap language essay questions and identification questions no longer appear on the exam.

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To learn more about different AP Language question types, check out our guide. So what does this mean for you?

sample ap language essay questions

Unfortunately, it means that any AP Language practice resource created before is out of date. However, that doesn't mean they are no longer valuable resources.

Free-response prompts and wample remain the same.

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When using older multiple-choice resources, stop answering questions after 45 questions and skip any vocab-in-context and identification questions sample ap language essay questions see. Our one-on-one langjage AP tutoring services can help you prepare for your AP exams. Get matched with a top tutor who got a high score on the exam you're studying for!

sample ap language essay questions

The best practice test resources come from the College Board. This is because they are the ones who create and administer all AP exams, including AP Lang and Comp, so their materials are the wp to the real, actual questions you will be seeing on test day!


If you practice with material kanguage close to the actual exam, you'll feel more comfortable when you are actually taking the test. Therefore, when possible, it's best to use College Board materials. However, it's worth noting that official resources for AP Language and Composition are a little bit sparse, especially when compared to the AP Literature exam. There are, in general, sample ap language essay questions resources that the College Board offers for any given Llanguage exam: complete released exams, released free-response questions from previous years, and sample questions from the " AP Course and Exam Description.

Unfortunately, the College Board doesn't appear to have released any official complete AP English Language and University writers site usa practice exams, so I have nothing to link to here.

sample ap language essay questions

However, you can probably find at least one entire past exam by Googling "AP Language complete released exam" or similar variations on that.]