E banking business plan

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Banks today are aware of free resume job denmark the threat and the opportunity that the Web represents. No traditional bank would dare face investment analysts without an Internet strategy.

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But even a detailed and thoughtful approach to the Web does not guarantee business success. The main purpose behind the launching of online banking services is to provide the customers with an alternative, more responsive and with less expensive options.

e banking business plan

With options just a click away, customers have more control than ever. They expect real-time answers and superior usability.

They also want personal attention and highly customized products and services. The focus of e-business must always be on the customer.

e banking business plan

On the other descriptive editor sites, the technology and the business structure follow on form of the value you intend to e banking business plan to the customer.

This paper evaluates the success of the e-business model and e-business strategy implemented by Citibank in the United Arab Emirates baniing offering its retail Internet Banking Service; Citibank Online. E-business relies on the development of new business strategies based on networks.

A new model: Digital-only banking businesses

The world has become increasingly inter-connected via telecommunication networks and computers. These offer fast, flexible, and cost-effective ways of doing business.

The Internet is driving e banking business plan new economy by creating unprecedented opportunities for countries, companies and individuals around the world. To be competitive in the Internet economy, companies need to harness the power of the Internet successfully.

Citibank is a subsidiary of Citigroup, a strong financial brand with more chemistry homework online million customers, 5. Citibank UAE started its retail business in in a very highly competitive environment offering a comprehensive line of high quality financial services targeted e banking business plan the affluent and middle income segments.

e banking business plan

bksiness has been bbusiness, as at the edge of innovation leveraging its global expertise, it was the first bank in the UAE to introduce innovative e-business solutions like:.

In the yearCitibank hadretail customers serviced mainly through five branches, six ATMs and CitiPhone. What encouraged Citibank to proceed with its e banking business plan in this direction is the tremendous growth of Internet usage since its introduction in According messay marv Etisalat, the only Internet Service Provider in the UAE, in the number of Internet users was 1, in a country with a population of 3.

Table 1 shows that the UAE has the highest percentage of mobile phone users when compared to the population. It is an eye opener fact, as mobile phones will serve as a gateway for Internet access in the future, which will definitely impact the future critical essay ghostwriting website e-commerce in the UAE. Table bankong Number of Internet users in e banking business plan of the Arab countries Etisalat, In the yearthere were only four local banks offering simple home banking solutions, Citibank wanted to be the first multinational bank to launch a multifunctional home banking service and own the category before ganking becomes fierce in the field.

It contributes immensely as part of the Strategic Cost Management initiatives the bank is implementing without compromising on the quality of service.]