Sample pretzels business plan

sample pretzels business plan

The pretzel is a very old and businezs prized food. Legend has it that pretzels were invented around A. The twists in the baked, doughy morsel that have sample pretzels business plan synonymous with the food, itself, supposedly represented crossed arms — the traditional posture for prayer.

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Thus, pretzels also became associated with good luck, long life, and prosperity. Pretzels originally came to the United States in the late 18th sample pretzels business plan, brought in by Southern German and Swiss German immigrants, better known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. Pretzel bakeries have populated the central Pennsylvania countryside for sample pretzels business plan, and from there, the pretzel has spread across the country. His name was Ben Miller. Yes, there is a Ben.

So they had to develop their own recipe to make the business work. Ben and I became paln. He introduced me to all of his bakery items, and then, eventually, to the pretzel, which I thought was just out-of-this-world good.

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I shared that with my business partner, Brian Krider. Once he tried the product and fell in sample pretzels business plan, we both knew that it was really something special. We were selling to just a couple of places as a lunchtime item for them.

sample pretzels business plan

Sample pretzels business plan was going to be kind of a brick and mortar, mall-type location, a fresh-baked bakery. The partners opened their first store in Elkhart, in May Their all-cash investment paid them back within the first year.

sample pretzels business plan

That success esl descriptive essay writing site uk to opening up store number two within 18 months of the sample pretzels business plan one; store number three in 24 months; and store number four, immediately after that.

We do all of the football and all of the basketball games. That really helped spur a lot of growth for us, because we had a lot of people coming to Notre Dame games who tried the product and loved it.

By the end ofKrider and Jones felt confident that they were ready to franchise. They sold their first franchise in March It was one of their original locations and it went to a couple who had been asking sample pretzels business plan for two years if they could buy a business.]