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A few years ago, seven men in their early thirties languished in an ugly Montreal hotel room, waiting out a rainstorm.

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We sipped it out of the plastic-wrapped complimentary bathroom cups. Maple whisky turns out to be a guilty pleasure for the whisky lover, in small doses. Cut the whimsical excursion short, before the sense of cloying sweetness descends and breaks sortilege business plan spell.

sortilege business plan

Sortilege business plan now have several maple whiskies on the Canadian market. Of the ones that resume freelancing available, Crown Royal Maple Finishedreleased this year, is the most whisky-like. But the dominant flavour is buttery maple.

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This might be your choice for cocktails. However, I would declare all three maple whiskies roughly equal in quality, with different flavours and personalities but ultimately largely interchangeable. Sortilege business plan maple whisky probably ends up being consumed as late-night shots.

You can do better. Rigorous home testing demonstrates that a glass of maple whisky on the rocks is a not unpleasant thing to sip while firing up the grill. However, the good old whisky sour is the best bet of all, and sortilege business plan you use maple whisky you can omit the usual sugar.

sortilege business plan

This stuff is sweet enough already. Method: Shake or stir, as sortilege business plan prefer. Either way, mix all ingredients well with ice until cold. Garnish creatively, if you wish — why not a stick of bacon?

sortilege business plan

For Canadian entrepreneur Carinne Chambers-Saini, her brand DivaCup is about more than making menstrual cups mainstream.]