Video game industry business plan


No matter how good your game is, chances are that your game tame not make back whatever time or money you put into it. Check out this talk by Rami Ismail of Vlambeer for some serious truth about the indie games business:.

video game industry business plan

For example:. The business plan also serves as a template that you can always refer back to when questions come up during development.

video game industry business plan

It should also be a living document that is updated throughout development as the situation changes. But just because there are many differences in the realities of the indie game business, there are a ton of things that are exactly the same.

video game industry business plan

As with most creative businesses, figuring video game industry business plan whether the audience wants your game or not is extremely difficult for indie game developers. However, if do math homework neatly understand market research, marketing, and public relations, you can better yourself for appealing to a certain audience and selling directly to them.

Startups usually thrive by finding a problem that people have, and providing them a way to solve it hopefully in a way that they pay for.

Our plan was to write great games

Or they see a vireo in an industry that is not being properly served, and fill that hole. Others try to outdo a competitor, making a better product.

video game industry business plan

While many developers start with the idea, this is putting the cart before the horse. There are any number of business plan models out there, video game industry business plan which one you choose busineess entirely up to you. This is a one-page business plan based on the book The Lean Startup.

You can download a template here.]