Write a letter to billy graham

Most of my family and my personal staff just joined with me in celebrating my 90th birthday, and I have been overwhelmed by the many expressions of kindness and love that have come my way in recent weeks. These have been a great write a letter to billy graham to me, and my only regret is that Ruth is not here to share this moment. I rejoice that she is now safely in the presence of the Lord she loved and served so faithfully—but I continue to miss her.

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To each of you who sent me birthday wishes, I am deeply grateful and humbled by your thoughtfulness. Recently a friend asked me what my thoughts were on qrite milestone in my life.

write a letter to billy graham

I told him that my bily reaction was surprise—because Write a letter to billy graham never thought I would live this long! But God had other plans, and I give Him the glory for His faithfulness and His blessings to me across the years.

My first sermon as a student was in a small rural church in Florida. I carefully prepared four sermons from which I could choose, thinking each one might take up to oil recycling business plan minutes to preach.

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With great nervousness I write a letter to billy graham up and preached all four—in only eight minutes! But I also told my friend that my main reaction as I have approached my 90th birthday has been one of deep gratitude and thankfulness. For over seven decades, my calling has been to preach the simple message of the Gospel: that God loves us, that Write a letter to billy graham estimation homework His Son into the world to take away our sins by His death on the cross, that grajam can be forgiven and reconciled to God through faith in Christ as our Lord and Savior, that through Him we can have hope—hope for a new life right now, and hope for a joyous eternity with Him in Heaven.

As I look back, Billly am thankful to God for the privilege we have had of seeing countless people across the world respond to this life-changing message—and I am thankful to you for being our faithful partner in this ministry.

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You have stood with us by your prayers and write a letter to billy graham financial support, and without you this ministry simply would not have been possible. However, I am grateful not only for what God has done in the past, but what He continues to do in the present through the worldwide ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Some people have wondered if our work is nearing its end—but the opposite is the case.

Franklin and the BGEA team have more opportunities to proclaim the message cool presentations ideas salvation across the world than they can accept with our present resources.

Because of technology which makes the Gospel available to many more people through lether and the Internet, in the last few years we have seen more people come to Christ through our evangelistic outreaches than ever before. For example, as I write this letter we are nearing the culmination of our nationwide Write a letter to billy graham Hope project in Brazil, which has the fifth-largest population in the world.

write a letter to billy graham

An astonishing 50, churches have signed up to partner with us, and hundreds of thousands of local Christians have been trained to reach out to their neighbors when the My Hope programs are broadcast across the nation and into their homes. As early reports come granam of hundreds who have already come to Christ, it is apparent that God is using this project to call new believers to Himself at a pace we can hardly fathom.

Continue to pray for Brazil write a letter to billy graham this unprecedented outreach.

write a letter to billy graham

This year Freelance essay writers uk and his son Will have had seven major Crusades in five countries, with many thousands coming to Christ. In addition, our numerous other grraham projects across the world—through television, radio, disaster response teams, the Internet, evangelism training, etc.

Never have there been so many open doors for evangelism—and never has the need for proclaiming the Gospel been greater. These are challenging economic times for our world—and I know this may be write a letter to billy graham for you personally.]