Bittersweet college essay

Like many seniors in high school at this time of year, my daughter is busily filling out college applications. Gathering grades. Test scores. Recommendation letters.

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Prepping for interviews. She and I have talked about it for years. Visited several universities. Bittersweet college essay, little did I know just how involved I would be in the process.

bittersweet college essay

How, for the last month, bittersweet college essay assistance would morph into a full time job, consisting of, but not limited to, filling out the FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid — which by the way, is filled out from bittersweet college essay perspective of the student, as if they have any idea what your income was for the previous year — attending meetings, fielding emails, chasing scholarships, xollege the big one….

Reviewing the essays.

In a state of bittersweet: Thoughts from a graduating senior

And I am more bittersweet college essay happy to offer my expertise in this area. What has confounded me is the way my daughter has argued with me about structure, grammar and word choice. My suggestions. About everything, it seems. Tempers have flared. Eyes have been rolled. Voices have risen.

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I suspect her testiness — and mine — is not about the essays per se. To get it done by the deadline. And my knowledge, and acknowledgement, of her eagerness to spread her wings and leave the nest. Bittersseet a parent, the bittersweet college essay is bittersweet. I could not be prouder of her. An empowered woman. In some ways, that journey, of bringing her up, is ending.

Another is beginning.

bittersweet college essay

And now our paths will diverge, for at least the next little while. This is where I take a leap of faith. Start esay next chapter of my life. My daughter has already spoken with a college representative who gave her an unofficial bittersweet college essay up on her application.

bittersweet college essay

A thousand fascinating doors are poised to open. All at once. Remember her first words.]