Compare and contrast essay high school and college

compare and contrast essay high school and college

High school is a time of exploration, discovery, and learning. However, most students are not aware that college will be an entirely different experience. This sample will compare scjool two institutions to help you decide which is best for you.

Colleges always provide a free environment for learning to students as compared to the restricted atmosphere of schools.

But schools are also having a big role to inculcate discipline in students. School and College time both have their significance in the life of students to shape their future. Students find cheap content writers service for masters as a place where their freedom is curtailed but they are also shaping their future with the best discipline.

On the other hand, a free atmosphere without any fear is provided by the colleges to students. No restrictions are obligated to the students at the College level which is likely fascinating for the students.

But at the same time, there are some other things which act like a nightmare for the graduates and are not confronted by the school goers. Here we will try to compare the life of a student in college and high school to figure out which is best out of the two. The comparison is done of various aspects like the sense of freedom, burden of study, and assignment apart from discipline and restrictions in these educational institutions. There are millions of restrictions that are compare and contrast essay high school and college by the students in high school like the teacher ask them to compare and contrast essay high school and college their coursework regularly.

They are supposed to attend every class and cannot afford to go for bunk.

More when it comes to high school students they are kept in a well-behaved manner and asked to follow the set rules of dressing as rssay.

On the contrary, there are no such criteria of discipline in Colleges where students are free to roam around the campus.

At the same time, they can dress up as per their wish without any restrictions.

compare and contrast essay high school and college

The assignments given to the graduates if not submitted on deadline result in zero scores and not the angry face of a professor like in schools. The study of high school is simple and not that research-based so students can easily write their homework.

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But this is not the case with colleges where research-based essays, papers, and term papers are assigned to the graduates. As a result of which they have to put in a lot of effort to make their assignments done on time. The level of education, of course, rises sample writer resume objective a certain level and graduates find it hard to grab the complex concepts in college.

compare and contrast essay high school and college

Thus we can say that when it comes to studying students incline high school assignments that are comparatively easy. Apart from the restrictions and assignments, there is another aspect that differentiates the perspective about colleges and schools among students. For example, students find it very appealing to wear new designer clothes in college that are of their choice.

But it is not possible for the school kids which they celebrate to the peak.

The friend circle becomes very important for the graduates at this stage and compare and contrast essay high school and college celebrate every moment with friends more aptly in colleges. The college friends become long-lasting friends for the people and there are charm and charisma in this friendship. All these things are hibh much appealing for the students who have entered the college bypassing their school.

The school teachers are not that much broad-minded like college teachers and that is why students are happier in Colleges.

compare and contrast essay high school and college

It is the duty of the high school teachers to make the students sit compare and contrast essay high school and college a long time and do their studies. On the contrary in Colleges students are the master of their own wish to study according to their choice. Of course, there are deadlines to submit assignments in colleges as well but then you can also opt for failing the class in return for not writing these assignments on time.

But no such freedom is possible to obtain in presentation writer site life by the students and that is why they prefer college life more.

So compre the above discussion, we can conclude that both school and college are best at their own place. While students learn discipline and regularity in school to carry out their study they find a free atmosphere in College.]