Write my government speech

write my government speech

Members of Congress and the Cabinet. Justices of the Supreme Court. My fellow Americans.

write my government speech

This year we are finally together again. Tonight, we meet as Democrats Republicans and Independents. But most importantly as Americans.

write my government speech

With a duty to one another to the American people to the Constitution. And with an unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny. But he badly miscalculated.

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He thought he could roll into Ukraine and the world would roll over. Instead he met a wall of strength he never imagined. He met governemnt Ukrainian people. From President Zelenskyy write my government speech every Ukrainian, their fearlessness, their courage, their determination, inspires the world. Groups of citizens blocking tanks with their bodies.

Everyone from students to retirees teachers turned soldiers defending their homeland.

write my government speech

Let each of us here tonight in this Chamber send an unmistakable signal to Ukraine and to the world. Please rise if you are scientific research proposal writing and show that, Yes, we the United States of America stand with the Ukrainian people.

They keep moving. And the costs and the threats to America and the world write my government speech rising. The United States is a member along with 29 other nations. It matters.

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American diplomacy matters. American resolve matters. He rejected repeated efforts at diplomacy. And he thought he could divide us at home.

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Putin was wrong. We were ready. Here is what we did.]