Environmental science and technology cover letter

The journal advances rigorous scholarship on complex environmental phenomena, particularly with respect to fate, transport, environkental transformation in natural and engineered systems, while simultaneously facilitating the solution of critical environmental problems.

Journal Scope

A full description of each manuscript type is shown below:. Research Article length limit: 7, word-equivalents.

environmental science and technology cover letter

This includes chemical, biological, and physical phenomena in natural and engineered environmental environmental science and technology cover letter, as well as mathematical and computational methods that are directly relevant to the understanding, protecting, restoring, and managing of the natural environment, including eliminating, minimizing, and mitigating human impacts. The journal also publishes articles that describe significant scientific covver or novel technologies for facilitating the solutions of critical environmental problems, including pollution remediation, control, prevention, and avoidance.

Papers enivronmental the area of ecotoxicology and human environmental health should provide novel information on effects of chemicals or lead to new insights into the mechanisms and processes underlying write a windows script to copy files of chemicals and other stressors.

At submission, authors must provide a short synopsis statement approximately 20 wordsplaced after the abstract, stating the environmental relevance and significance of their research work. Insufficient novelty is common reason manuscripts are declined.

environmental science and technology cover letter

Novelty is defined as new experimental data, new interpretations of existing data, or new enviironmental of environmental phenomena that provide important new insights into environmental processes.

Significance is judged with respect to the breadth of impact of the reported findings. Manuscripts that report data of a routine environmental science and technology cover letter or that how to write excutive summary topics that are already well understood will not be considered.

Whenever possible, research on new measurement technologies should include results with authentic environmental samples, and evaluations should be performed under environmentally realistic conditions. Research articles are reviewed initially by the Executive Editor team.

environmental science and technology cover letter

If appropriate, manuscripts are then assigned to an associate editor for review, who may then, if appropriate, send the manuscript for full peer review by other scientists who assess the significance, originality, and validity of the work.

Feature length limit: 5, word-equivalents.

environmental science and technology cover letter

Feature articles are written in a magazine or journalistic style rather than as a scientific article. This article type should provide a balanced examination of significant developments and issues affecting the environmental community.

Manuscript Submission Requirements Checklist

The assessment of timely topics from multiple perspectives—scientific, regulatory, technical—should provide environmental science and technology cover letter with an authoritative and up-to-date understanding of the subject.

Features will undergo peer review, with reviewers providing comments on the factual accuracy, clarity, and significance of the contribution. Corresponding authors of accepted articles will also be requested to provide a short biography up to words and headshot for inclusion at the end of the published article.]