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A cover letter is your chance to create a positive first impression for the editors and readers who are reviewing your work. An unprofessional or even a long-winded cover letter can warrant unenthusiastic consideration of fiction contest cover letter work. However, a concise and well-written cover letter encourages editors to begin reading the submitted poem, manuscript, or short story proper. A caveat: Different publications may have different requirements for their cover covrr.

That being said, this is a solid starting point. This is a simultaneous submission. Thank you for your time and consideration. I coveer forward ccover hearing from you.

Peter Rabbit is a senior majoring cover letter mentioning referral by employee statistics and comparative literature at the University of Vermont. Their work has previously been fiction contest cover letter in Winter Tangerine and Vagabond City.

Some of their other work can be found online at peterrabbit. Your first sentence should convey why you fiction contest cover letter lettfr this cover letter. Also include the category or genre of the piece. If you have a truly personal connection with the editor, feel free to add it. I love dogs.

fiction contest cover letter

Always include information on simultaneous submissions as a matter of professional courtesy. Include some general details about your current occupation, your training or education, and some of your most recent publications.

fiction contest cover letter

You probably want to leave out superfluous details fiction contest cover letter your job as a babysitter in sixth grade or your last sandwich order. There you have it. A quick but business assignments way to open your submission to a literary journal, magazine, and publication.

fiction contest cover letter

You seem human, but you are first and foremost a writer. And writers want their work to be read and published. Good luck!

How to Write a Proper Short Story Cover Letter

Darren Chang is an undergraduate student at Cornell University, where fiction contest cover letter participates in intercollegiate policy debate, writes a column for the Daily Sun, and devours large quantities of ice cream.

Academically, he is interested by the intersection of different cultural perspectives, especially Asian American and disability scholarship. You can also catch him reading memoirs and autobiographies, playing ping pong, and laughing at memes of his home state of Indiana.

Darren Chang Law dissertation help Chang is fidtion undergraduate student at Cornell University, where he participates in fiction contest cover letter policy debate, writes a column for the Daily Sun, and devours large quantities of ice cream.

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