How to write timecode to vx2100

Scan Computers Int. Your Name Remember Me? October 25th,PM papabryd. I am in need of serious help. Today I went to look through some tapes using my vx and i popped in some that I haven't wrte at for a while.

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Surprisingly there was no timecode anywhere on tp tape. I didn't thing it was that unusual because the tape was unmarked. No video, no timecode, no nothing. I also tried recording, while the camera would say it was recording, it would move the tape and the light would come on, upon review it would show nothing.

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It would start moving the tape, but no timecode or video. I do not have a cleaning-tape otherwise I would've tried that. The last time I used the camera was this wensday, so only 3 days ago, and then it was working fine.

how to write timecode to vx2100

I have not switched brands of tape ever. I use panasonic professional. Although I have been using tapes put in decks that are used mainly with sony tapes.

Could the lubricant problems transfer vx210 to my camera this way? I am freaked out because I cannot afford to pay for a complete head replacement, and also because I don't know what how to write timecode to vx2100 or what to do.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. October 25th,PM Frank Granovski. Thanks for your reply. It's not timdcode power issue as the camera turns on and functions normally in every respect aside from recording or playing back None of tapes were exposed to high heat or magnetic fields.

how to write timecode to vx2100

And even so, video should still show up if I record new video on to a tape. So basically I'm starting to think my heads are completely messed up. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get it fixed? October 26th,AM Tom Hardwick. Some thoughts.

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Those how to write timecode to vx2100 same tapes play back well on other equipment? If you go DV out to your PC, still nothing? Analogue out to your TV - any difference? The new recordings you've made that don't replay - anything show when played on another cam? October 26th,PM papabryd. First off thanks for the reply Tom. I did take my tapes to a studio to try them out on MiniDV decks that are known to be working.

how to write timecode to vx2100

Tapes that had video played well on the deck, but nothing showed up when they were played on the While I was there I did a recording test again with the vx To my surprise it kept the timecode when I was done recording.]